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 The mighty, live edge, Maple burlwood was the perfect canvas for this; Robert West's latest Sculpture with 'Electric Painting'. This and many new small format pieces just landed at the Ozone for your enjoyment. 

 Heavy Oils to go with a gorgeously heavy surf day. The Oregon Coast can be trusted to serve up some incredible visual contrasts. It may be strangely calm and grey in the sky with a big surge bringing big sets lined up. That dichotomy of energy is perfectly captured here by Rosemary Achelpohl. She brought this and several new pieces for the new Journeys show.

New shows in the gallery are always exciting because it means an eyeful of new work by our favorite artists. The 'Our Journeys'  show has come with an additional pleasure; a bin of fresh and retrospective Serigraphs by Michael Guerriero  and also a preview to our next show 'Fit to Print' which is all about Fine Art Printing.

 Another pleasure of the new show is in the audible form of art. Have you heard or played a Tongue Drum? These drums are tuned to themselves by Jamal Jackson of Satori Drums so there's no way to play them badly and they sound like soothing, bell-like chimes (but better). These are a step better than simple drums as well. They are not only up-cycled propane tanks, but also tune-able by way of magnets on each tongue. They are finished in gorgeous glazes and seamless welds so they pose as beautiful sculptures when not being played.

 Is your light on? Jake's is of Young American designs. This concrete lampshade is a heavy dichotomy to 'light' and a delightfully industrial addition to the pipe and concrete construction of this floor lamp. Jake plays with this further in a table lamp that places a piece of found wood in organic juxtaposition to the metal and concrete. Come see the urban chic lines of Jake's recent furnishing offerings.

 The moon is sneaking up on the sun. August 21st, we will see it pass in front of the sun first, since we are at landfall for this exciting event. Inspired by this, the "Moon in Front of the Sun" is a Moonstone and Keum Boo gold piece of jewelry fresh off the jewelry bench at the Ozone.

 New work created by Courtney Marchesi from found woods for the Journeys show.

 Do you feel lucky? Seven is a good number for that and this bag would be made for you. Upcycled Sailboat Sails and fabulous industrial bits by Kat Sconce make this an incredible bag for your journeys. See more during the Journeys show.
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