Limb Cast 

It looks white-ish but it's not. It's got an undeniable blue tint or beautiful grey ripples running through it. Some mineral activity got in there and turned those silicates away from neutral. One can only imagine the scenario of the carbon from the ash or burning from a volcano seeping into the cast and leaving smokey layers of agate. The blue is an ice cold find on a hot desert day. Is it cobalt, aluminum or what mineral tinting the stone? 

 These stones have subtle beauty. Veins of white comingle with the clear, blues and greys like water ripples, phantom clouds, and delicate lacy patterns. Often these occure with druzy quartz crystals, mineral, and petrified wood inclusions.

 These stones are a favorite of mine because they are a 'neutral' color and go with everything. They are complimented by either silver or copper and seem to glow against whatever you are wearing them with. I especially love the earrings since they stand out amid one's tresses and get backlit if the hair is up.

To Be Continued... 
Daily Visions April-14-2017
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