Robert West 

 3000+ Volts of electricity, vision, and passion.

For Robert, the marriage of high voltage electricity, wood, and the quintessential form of the tree, is a match made in heaven. A Bonzai designer and woodworker by passion and an electrician by trade, these forms are the perfect amalgam of Robert's skills and artistic vision. 

The beautiful dendritic shapes created by the Lichtenberg forms dance in an array of shapes through his body of work, as seen here. One's imagination is spurred as different references for the forms come to mind; is it a tree, lightning, a tributary, a synapse, a cactus, or a coral reef?


Robert states that there are many elements that he must wrangle when he is using this alternative art media. The kind of wood, the conductor, and the way he prepares and applies it, plus the ambient moisture on any given day are factors that can change the behavior of his art form. To Robert, the fact it is so different than other typical art media and creates more than a 2 dimentional rendering are part of the rewards. It's another way of growing a Bonzai without the years or decades long wait that will last forever.

Robert is currently (no pun) working on a new body of work and reaching past the edges of what he has done before. Come in to see the fresh collection that is inspired and ever changing.

Daily Visions April-14-2017
Featured Artist April-14-2017