The gallery will be going on a journey of its own from just after Mother's day to Memorial Day weekend. We will be 'cross-blending' the new show 'Our Journeys' with the outgoing ReNew show. We will be open but walls will be changing and it will be a different gallery daily! The new show features new works and favorites that convey the journeys we all take; as artists, as travelers, both outer and inner. Catch the last few weeks of the ReNew show now.



 virtual tour of the current show. 

 In the front door (above) you are greeted with an array of artwork that conveys the theme of the show. An angel by Laura Aldridge created on local Sitka Spruce from the OCCFA casts her gaze on the electric trees by Robert West, a balancing sculpture by Phil Sconce, local woods/burn 'the Octopus's Garden' by Karen Britt (Sold), and found object harmony by Jonny Omnibus.

 Turn to your right from the door and enter a room of adventure (above). Amy Royce creates some of her encaustic paintings reusing prints and life drawings that are stunning stand alone art pieces combined with the molten art media.The impact of the room strikes one like the colorful dreams flowing through the girl's hair in the large center encaustic. John Burgund builds little found and upcycled object mechanized diaramas with fortune tellers, sea life and everything else that strikes his imagination to ignite yours (center sculptures). Juergen Eckstein painted 'My Father's Journey' with complete technocolor storytelling in recognizable and hidden imagery (right).

 The adventure continues (above) with Susan Farnham's scenes from Nepal, India, and the mind. The large center piece is the Rhododendron Forest in Nepal that is similar to the flora on the Oregon Coast where Susan resides when she is not traveling the world with her husband or job. Other of her pieces in this show are created from Newspaper printing plates and found woods painted with local Oregon Walnut Oils.








Daily Visions April-14-2017
Featured Artist April-14-2017