Pink Agate

Limb Cast 

The sunrise blush on whispy clouds, the hue of a light Rose' in a wine glass, the silk on ballet pointe shoes; these describe the graceful tint of perhaps iron and other minerals mixing with agate to create a pink limb cast. Each limb cast has it's own character due to the variables around its birth. In some of my favorite cases, just enough mineral material gets in with the silicates that the 'silicate soup' is turned a subtle pink-to-peach tone. It's still transparent, shows fortification lines like a true agate should, and often has druzy crystals thrown in for additional glamour. 

One of our favorite places to find the pink limb cast is in the Paulina, OR. area. Sometimes the material is 'float' or small pieces found on the surface of the ground. Other times the material is burried and when one digs it out, there is potential for larger 'limbs'. Can you imagine the volcanic event that encased the limb in ash? Then over time, that hardened and allowed for a void from the tree limb to be slowly filled with micro-crystaline silicates to form this gem? What an amazing turn of events to create such beautiful stones.
Daily Visions April-14-2017
Featured Artist April-14-2017