The High Desert of Oregon has all you need for Petrified Woods; Wood, Silicates, and plenty of dry preservation time. Petrification can take thousands to millions of years. The tree's cellular structure is replaced slowly by silicates in a process called 'permineralization'.  

We love to hike and mountain bike to special spots finding the 'honey holes'. We have happened upon rattle snakes, been chased by Angus cattle, and been spied on by many a deer, bird of prey, and coyote. Primitive camping is the usual and I love an owl lullaby. When you're rock hounding on a bike, you start to get pretty picky about what you're willing to schlep home to camp.   

The colors for the Petrified wood vary through the entire spectrum. The reason for this is while the silicates are settling into the cellular structure of the woods, they are often accompanied by the minerals that are present in the area at the time as well. Iron makes red, brown, pink, orange, yellow, and even wine colors. Copper and Silver (and other minerals) can cause Green. Black can be Carbon, Blue can be Cobalt, Purple can be Manganese, and if there aren't other minerals around, it's clear. 


This is some rough material that I called 'Butterfly Wing' from near Paulina, Or. If you have been to the gallery, you have heard about how I found a pit, found little pieces, hoped to find more in the morning, and then got rained out and had to leave. I'll be back for more, but this is some of the last. 



By the time the pieces are done, I have spent enough time with them to know which ones to start setting and how I am going to set them. There is plenty of time while I'm polishing them to plan on setting strategies. I usually like to work in groups of material so I may do a batch of Butterfly Wing and then not revisit it for months.  

In some cases, part of the tree will be petrified and some of the tree will be 'limb cast'. In those cases, you have both the grain of the wood showing in parts of the stone and the 'souping' of the silicates into a casting of the wood all at once. These are some of my favorite stones and my choices for the jewelry reflects this. 

To Be Continued... 
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