'Our Journeys' greets you at the front door. Artwork depicting places to go and where you might have been flank the wall. This wall is also a bit of a time capsule for the Ozone as it features artists from the beginning of the gallery's journey, the gallery's progeny, and some of the latest work. We are so excited to be going into our 7th (lucky) summer!



Susan Farnham paints incredible scenes of Heron,Trees, and adventures in Nepal. Robert West paints with electicity which is an adventure in itself. These walls are being hung now for the upcoming show.

 New Work coming in for the new show 'Our Journeys'! This piece is by Michael Guerriero and depicts his journey in the Malheur. One can feel the warmth in the light drenching the landscape and the grazing deer. Other new works by Michael and others are arriving daily. Feel free to come in to catch a preview of these new offerings before we officially open the show Memorial Day Weekend.








 Seven is indeed a lucky number when flying on your sail or on your sailcloth purse as it were. Many purses await your perusal from Kat Sconce; each designed and hand made to tackle your journeys with integrity and tenacity.


 New Lion Fish taking its Journey through the deep grains of found woods by Courtney Marchesi. More fresh works coming from her artistic journeys anticipated.

 This hand pulled wood block print was inspired by a local inhabitant Pacific Red Octopus. In addition, the finish on this piece is encaustic with local sand. What is encaustic? It is a resin and wax paint used to seal ancient greek boats. Good way to start its Journey into the world.

 Salmon make the most amazing journeys over the course of their lives and this stone bears their namesake; Salmon Stone. The lower stone has the salmon blush color and the top stone throws a faint spectrum through its domed and faceted planes like the water in which the salmon resides. 

 Show changes happening in the gallery until Memorial Day Weekend. You are still welcome to come up and explore the gallery (even if a bit chaotic).

Virtual tour coming soon! Check back here for updates. 

Daily Visions April-14-2017
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