New Jewelry

Here are a few of the fresh pieces in the gallery. Almost every day a new piece is made and a new piece may go. 
UPDATED 06-08-2017


 (Left) The color of the tropical ocean, the glimmering of the spectrum, a landscape playing out, all happening within this Boulder Opal. The Keum Boo reflects the flow of the landscape framed in prong setting like the gem that it is.

(Right) Keum Boo 'pillar' earrings of fine silver and gold given a sterling prong-set and backbone for a contemporary presentation and structure.

 (Left)  "The Sun behind the Moon" is a luminous Indigo Moonstone poised in front of a Keum Boo golden sunshine in anticipation of our upcoming eclipse event.

(Right) "Lightning Over the Mountain" depicts a stylized fine silver cloud with Keum Boo lightning striking through it. The Chocolate Mint Moss Agate mountain below reflects the lightning of gold next to its blue agate glacier. 

 (Left) Everyone loves the way the green moss makes its way through the luminous clear-to-blue agate of this Moss Agate. These pillar shapes came naturally to this pair of earrings that look like tiny aquariums with kelp.

(Right) Earthtones dance through these Rhyolite earrings including red, green, blue, and clear agate windows. These are the first to sport Copper, Sterling Silver, Fine Silver AND Gold. Now thats mixing metals! 

(Left) These earrings catch the light and colorplay like no other clear stones. These Spectrum Agates are clear enough to light up in the sunshine but have inclusions enough to display a glow of the spectrum faintly through the stone, making it truly, a horse of a different color.

(Right) Rhyolite is the name for silicate and mineral rich lava flow that sometimes congeals into Thundereggs and very interesting gemstone. These Rhyolite earrings have predominantly green minerals with some red, tan, blue, and clear inclusions. Fancy! SOLD

(Left) Which path do you choose that leads around the world? Or, in this case, the Boulder Opal that looks like the world or the cosmos beyond. Gold Keum Boo paths part ways on fine silver giving way to the green and blue flashes of the opal with white opalescent center.

(Right) The clouds building energy within this Cloud Bloom Plume Agate above for a lightning strike and cloud burst. The lighting below is Keum Boo with Sterling and Fine Silver. 

 (Left) This is a stylized Oregon Landscape in minimal form; cumulous cloud in sterling silver above a canyon with a river in Keum Boo fine silver and gold. A Blue-Green Opal (from Australia) depicts the rain absorbed in the earth and the cycle is perpetuated.

(Right) Splash Keum Boo earrings represent both rain and sun from a cloudburst to the waterfall with sterling silver, fine silver, and 23.5k gold. SOLD

 (Left) Keum Boo hammered drops of fine silver with bold swaths of 23.5k gold dangle from generous sterling silver hoops.

(Right) Like lightning on the beach, this White Opal (Australian) gives flash to the sparkling, hammered terrain of Keum Boo fine silver and gold. 

 (Left) Peer into the deep dome to see the colorplay of faint spectrum Iris Agate with Salmon Stone drop mimicking the pink hues the top stone casts in certain light.

(Right) This new, warm stone holds the hue of salmon with the glow of watermelon. Salmon Stone is a fresh stone at the Ozone and this deep piece is paired with another new stone; Iris Agate. The clear piece casts a faint spectrum and is clear-blush agate. 

This Rainbow Moss Agate has presented more bouquet type displays of color than the typical. (Left) Earthtones bloom through blue watery clear agate earrings that catch the light like pools. SOLD

(Right) This thickly plumed Rainbow Moss Agate has gold through green dendrites swimming through clear windows of agate. SOLD

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