New Jewelry

Here are a few of the fresh pieces in the gallery. Almost every day a new piece is made and a new piece may go. 
UPDATED 05-27-2017


 Keum Boo

 Keum Boo is an ancient Korean art form of bonding 23.5k Gold to Fine Silver. Each piece is hand crafted so every piece is unique, including the earrings. Textures are brought up on the metals with hammering, sanding, and polishing techniques to maximize the contrasts and comingling of the metals

Which path do you choose that leads around the world? Or, in this case, the Boulder Opal that looks like the world or the cosmos beyond. Gold Keum Boo paths part ways on fine silver giving way to the green and blue flashes of the opal with white opalescent center.

 (Left) This is a stylized Oregon Landscape in minimal form; cumulous cloud in sterling silver above a canyon with a river in Keum Boo fine silver and gold. A Blue-Green Opal (from Australia) depicts the rain absorbed in the earth and the cycle is perpetuated.

(Right) Splash Keum Boo earrings represent both rain and sun from a cloudburst to the waterfall with sterling silver, fine silver, and 23.5k gold. 

 (Left) Keum Boo hammered drops of fine silver with bold swaths of 23.5k gold dangle from generous sterling silver hoops.

(Right) Like lightning on the beach, this White Opal (Australian) gives flash to the sparkling, hammered terrain of Keum Boo fine silver and gold. 

 (Left) Peer into the deep dome to see the colorplay of faint spectrum Iris Agate with Salmon Stone drop mimicking the pink hues the top stone casts in certain light.

(Right) This new, warm stone holds the hue of salmon with the glow of watermelon. Salmon Stone is a fresh stone at the Ozone and this deep piece is paired with another new stone; Iris Agate. The clear piece casts a faint spectrum and is clear-blush agate. 

(Left) This stone breaks in durable, thin chips that would have been perfect to work into arrowheads and the like. This pair of Salmon Stone earrings broke just right for a fun, contemporary design that is stunning when backlit through your hair.

 (Right) Gaze deeply into the clouds and what do you see? Cloud Bloom Plume Agate is like an arial view of the clouds and their magnificent forms suspended in time, sterling, and copper.

(Left) The fire that burned this Black Petrified Wood seems to smolder inside this piece with clear to carnelian agate blazing through the center.

(Right) Windows, front and back, peer into the shadowy depths of these Blue-black Agate earrings. The outter shape, texture, and white rinds are reminders of how these gems were born.

(Left) Petrified Woods always seem to sell out fast. This is one of only two pieces in the cases right now. It has colors ranging from green through greyish-lavendar to brown in its striated grains. This is an amazing, one-of-a-kind piece of 'float'.

(Right) From a stylized Eternity sign of hammered Copper and Sterling Silver dangles a glowing piece of blush Pink Agate Limb Cast.

This Rainbow Moss Agate has presented more bouquet type displays of color than the typical. (Left) Earthtones bloom through blue watery clear agate earrings that catch the light like pools.

(Right) This thickly plumed Rainbow Moss Agate has gold through green dendrites swimming through clear windows of agate.

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