Moss Agate or Dendritic Agate is easily identified by the beautiful moss-like threads traveling through clear or milky agate. The title 'Moss Agate' is most prominantly used for the green inclusions and Dendritic can be used for the rainbow of other colors that can occur. Iron and manganese are the most common minerals to 'grow' within the silicates along with nickel, titanium, and other minerals. The word 'dendrite' comes from the greek word for tree-like and that describes the plant like formations within the stones.  



Here's another stone that is sometimes difficult to identify in the field. Imagine these dirty and blending in with the other volcanic looking rocks of the region. When my husband found the red one, I didn't think he had a moss/dendritic agate. I went over to check out what he had with water and a light in hand (mandatory rock hounding supplies). What I thought might be a pretty red Jasper turned out to be a really incredible crimson dendrite riddled, bluish-milky trimmed agate. He always finds the best stuff.

Daily Visions April-14-2017
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