Dye Fashion in the Ozone

by Leslie Palotas

of Ocean Dyenamics 

When Leslie says she wants to put the waves on you she means it. Her hand dyed, one of a kind creations feature her signature waves.

She knows waves from surfing and kayaking and she brings that passion for play to her joyful dyed wearable art. 

Leslie selects cool and unique cuts for dyed pieces. Her Yoga pants are comfortable on the matt but also for other activities like kickboxing (I know this one personally), a stand in for scrubs (as the model here can attest), and anywhere casual style is desired.

Leslie's body of work at the Ozone includes shorts, pants, skirts, hoodies, waterfall jackets, scarves, and more. Come see what's new before they're gone! 

Daily Visions April-14-2017
Featured Artist April-14-2017