Leighton Blackwell 



"I fish, make art, then I eat the fish" 

Leighton Blackwell's approach to his expression literally immerses him into the environment of his subject matter. He spearfishes for the subjects that become life size Japanese style fish prints or bigger than life renderings of his catch

The fish are from our seas and rendered on local found wood. He has painted on reclaimed wood from washed up palettes, decks aged by Yaquina Bay's weathering, and even wood from the very fishing vessels that also pull these creatures from the ocean.

Leighton has come 'a long way, baby'. He now hangs in restaurants such as Local Oceans, Restaurant Beck, Sorella, Ocean Bleu at Gino's to name a few as well as many private and public collections. His work evolves on a day by day basis and the gallery sells out quickly.

Daily Visions April-14-2017
Featured Artist April-14-2017