Katie Sconce, also known as Calypso Creations, uses her artistic talents fabricating one of a kind bags from upcycled sailboat sails, marine upholstery, and other interesting remnants. Each bag boasts the size and kind of craft that it comes from, many times including a number or other detail unique to the sail.  

This cross-hatched pattern comes from a Mylar Race Sail. It's the fastest bag you'll ever have. Kat uses her experience making custom sailboat upholstery when sewing the industrial strength purse and bag pieces together. The end result is an incredible tote that will last the squalls you put it though. 

Kat's newest work will be featured in the up-coming ReNEW, ReCLAIM, ReMIND show. We applaud her efforts of upcycling and creating 'usable art'  that are at the core ethos for the show's offerings.  
Daily Visions April-14-2017
Featured Artist April-14-2017