Juergen Eckstein



Pieces containing vibrant colors and movement, embedded images, conceptual content, these are the building blocks of Juergen Eckstein's work. Sculptures with subject matter emerging from found driftwood or beach rock, ceramics perferated to dispense light in a variety of forms, it's all Juergen's voice.  


Seen here cutting the ribbon on public artwork behind the Visual Art Center in Newport, Juergen spends time with both large and small format sculptures, paintings, and a miriad of media choices. 


Juergen creates art that allures the eye then may beg for further contemplation. The interpretation is left up to you, the viewer. What does the piece evoke in your mind? Juergen has his stories about the art but invites the viewer to use their imagination to create their own. 



The Ozone has had the pleasure of featuring Juergen and he has participated in 'Paint-In's at the gallery as well as highlights in the "Light Show"s and Sacred Places. 

Daily Visions April-14-2017
Featured Artist April-14-2017