John Macnab


John Macnab originates from over the pond, Bristol, and currently resides in Portland, Oregon. He has a deep connection to the beaches and waterways that become the subjects of his landscapes. Many of these visions are just abstracted enough so the viewer may enjoy just the qualities of the texture, brushstroke, and colorplay. His work has been described as 'athletic' with visual energy generated by the impressionistic style palette knife strokes that echo the passion of their application.

  ← Giant was painted during transition from impressionistic brushwork to his newer body of work created entirely of oil and palette knife. This detail shows the subtlety and interest in his knifework building subject matter. This makes his work exciting upon distant view and rewarding upon close inspection.↓ 

John has had three features at the Ozone and continues to push his own edges of texture and paint application in the direction of passionate expression.  

Daily Visions April-14-2017
Featured Artist April-14-2017