Gemstone Jewelry

created in the Ozone Studio daily 


Karen and Steve Britt source local to Oregon stones in their raw state. The rough stone is then hand shaped, polished, and set to express its inherent beauty to the maximum by retaining some natural shaping and textures. All lapidary and metalsmithing is done by Karen Britt in the Ozone Gallery Studio, viewable by the public. New for 'Our Journeys' show, Opals and other stones aquired 25-30 years ago are finally making their way into the fresh jewelry.



New Works: by popular demand. See the latest jewelry designs and stones being polished. CLICK  this or the new jewelry picture. Some pieces may be available. Use the Contact page if you wish to inquire about a specific piece.

Below are the 'profile pages' for the stones. Click the pictures to see more about that stone. 

Daily Visions April-14-2017
Featured Artist April-14-2017