Demonstrations in the Ozone


Have you ever wondered how the art was made? How about wondering what face and personality is behind this work?

 The Ozone plays host to artist demonstrations, 'paint-ins', pop up music and more. Leighton Blackwell  has demonstrated the art of fish printing with a fish he had freshly speared as well as assembling a sculptual piece live in the gallery and demonstrating his large format painting style.

We are lucky enough for Amy Royce  to do repeat Encaustic demonstrations for several years in the Ozone. Every day, guests to the gallery wonder how these amazing pieces are done. Amy has shown how the paints were created such as the Ancient Greeks discovered. Her paints were molten, she torched her layers, the works emerged. Amy is an upcoming feature artist in the 'Fit to Print' fall show.

It's a good thing we're all so very serious in here. Juergen Eckstein  is seen here guarding an urn for his encaustic demonstration for the 'Paint-In' Spectrum and Anniversary show opening. He worked encaustic on a wooden carved sculpture seen here. 

 Any given day, live art is happening in the Ozone. Painting, printmaking, lapidary arts and jewelry making are always in progress by Karen Britt and guest artists 'work in' including musicians. For more information, check the Calendar  for demos and events or contact us .

Daily Visions April-14-2017
Featured Artist April-14-2017