Carnelian is the red, orange, or amber variety of Chalcedony. It may be banded like an agate, clear, or translucent but not opaque. One can find Oregon Carnelian in the rivers, mountains, and some of our beaches. They vary from almost brown, which is also called Sard, to light and firey. They are amazing to polish because of their intensity of color and they are a favorite among those of us who love the warmth in contrast to our grey, cloudy days. 

The fire of its inception is caught in its color. Through the stones swirl 'inclusions' that reflect light so they glow like the lava flow that bore them. These carnelians are 'true agate' as the rings of formation are apparent. They display an hombre blend from yellow to red because of this. The agate 'rind' is left on the backside of these hand polished stones as a reminder of their birth.

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