Blue-Black Agate


It's interesting to imagine how these came to be; carbon and silicates with other mineral inclusions swirled together in a lava bubble bath.Is that how it happened many millions of years ago? We reap the benifits with the visual candy of circles, waves, and landscapes drawn into the agate in a suble monochrome of black though clear agate. Occasionally there is a flash of honey agate or druzy quartz thrown in for a show stopper. 

These are hard agates to find because they blend in with the basalt (from which they were typically born). The rinds on the agates range from black through white with a surprise in each one. It's always a thrill to polish them to see what wonderful inner-scape they contain.

This one looks like a sail with a druzy quartz crystal window in it. The light sets a glow from within so the dark bands are contrasted. This has to be one of the most dynamic forms of the agate family.
To be Continued...

Daily Visions April-14-2017
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