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July 18, 2016
Stepping into Shell-Shine

I have had many folks come into the gallery and become fascinated by the fossil shells. It's incredible to imagine what the creature who made the shell encountered the proposed millions of years ago when they populated this area. My personal favorite are the large spiral shells that you can find.


First, they ask; how do you know what you are looking for? These shells have a 'matrix' stone that has some tell tale signs. The texture was created by the shell being inhabited by a hermit crab (use contact page to reach me for credit info, I didn't write the book), the reef growing on the back of the crab's spiral shell creates a different fossil stone than the sedimentary rock that is the matrix around the fossil shell. You can see that variation in Step 1.


Now the trick is to very carefully remove that matrix stone to reveal what kind of a shell you have hiding inside. I use rotary tools with a variety of bits to carve away the material. It's always exhilarating to see the shell's colors being revealed and knowing you are the first one in millions of years to see it!


After grinding the matrix off, the shell is revealed and the polishing begins. The shell enamel is often times in great shape and has been permineralized with silicates giving it a pearly, or 'tiger's eye' sheen. Beautiful blues, ambers, browns, and reds are very common along with parts or all of the shell's cavity being filled with agate.


Sometimes, the entire shell is perfectly preserved, other times there are holes or large parts missing. One never knows when you start opening up, what is very much like a birthday present with all of the mystery and intrigue, what one may find. Come in to see the latest 'openings'. 

July 13, 2016
Cooking Up New Stones


Someone came in for more Petrified Wood from Central Oregon and we looked into the cases and...there was none. I started this body of work 'From Start to Finish' with the finding, hand lapidary, and metalsmithing with the Petrified Wood and Agate Limb Cast from Paulina, Or. I couldn't believe that it was all gone. I said in the previous Blog that I needed to get back to work and I was so right.

Happily, I had some nice 'Pet Wood' stashed away from the 'Butterfly Wood' trip. These were the candidates for today in the rough. They were all found as 'float' or in those exact pieces that you see. They made it through several of the polishing steps but not quite to the end. They lose a lot of weight on the trip and really transform.


This wood is Agatized, Jasperized, I suspect Opalized, and very colorful with Quartz crystal embelishments. I can't wait to create some Earrings, Rings, and Necklaces from these! 

July 2, 2016
Back to Work!


First off, I'd like to thank everyone who has visited Ozone Fine Art in person and online lately. I am overwhelmed by your support for the arts and enthusiasm about the multitude of creations by many local artists in the gallery. Over the past weeks, I've sold so many necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets from the 'Found Stones' series that the displays are starting to look a bit bare. Summer season has just begun! This only means one thing; back to work. A Lapidary machine is set up at the gallery and I'm back to polishing the raw stones daily to start cooking up some new jewelry designs. Check out the Stone Studio to see how I work, the Jewelry Section to see recent works and specific stone pages. Hit the Comment page to make a request or start a conversation about the work and please come in to see the transformations happening live. 

2016-04-27�- Hot Art Clothes!


The warmer it gets, off go the layers! Having comfortable style is important so why not wrap yourself in wearable art that is functional as well as sensationally cool. Leslie Palotas hand dyes each individual piece creating waves, octopus and other graphic renderings in fabric. Because she uses awesome companies like Xylem in Eugene for sourcing of the cuts, she makes stylish works of art to wear like Bolero Jackets and Yoga Pants. Leslie has just dropped off a new haul of work, come find the perfect piece for you.�

2016-04-27�- Variations on a Theme


For some reason I always love wearing chokers during the summer. Maybe it's the necklines, maybe it's that we're more active so we want jewelry that isn't dangling too much. I also notice that if my choker is too high, it leaves my chest rather bare. So to kill a couple of birds with one stone, I cooked up a choker that drops down to the length of a regular pendant. WIN! I've been playing with various lengths of drop and different stones, come in and see the variations on the theme.�

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