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May 24, 2016


It seems like I'm always getting requests for bracelets. They are fun  to wear and it's a piece of jewelry the wearer gets to see and admire too (unlike a pair of earrings or necklace that everyone else is looking at...which isn't bad either!). A rule for my bracelets is that they have to withstand some abuse since I'm always working. Cuff bracelets that have a 'floating entrance' are elegant and for some fortitude, the loop closure for the cuff seals the deal on tough. These two pieces are new today with agate, jasper, and common opal 'thunderegg' material. They are set in warm copper and sterling silver to bring out their natural colors. More designs being cooked up daily at the jewelry studio within the Ozone. 



May 19, 2016
How Art You Feeling?


Purple was the color of royalty in ancient lands. It was a very hard color to make and the dyes were precious and kept secret. Violet is at one end of the spectrum and a fairly rare color in nature. To some it's a color of mystery, passion, and inner depth. What does it mean to you? How about sitting down in that chair surrounded by various shades of violet, purple, indigo, pinks? How would it make you feel? The psychology of color is fascinating. You can read about what these colors may do to you, or more interestingly, experience it yourself with the current show. We even ask for your feedback if you'd like to leave it to become part of our show. 

May 2, 2016
Ozone Graphitti


At the Ozone we love to have Interactive Art Projects for our guests. Art should not be exclusive and these Art Projects are a way for folks to become a part of the art. We started this blank canvas at the beginning of the ReNEW show. It didn't take long for it to be completely covered with all sorts of doodles, signatures, and thoughts. Even the sides are covered. It seemed like after adding their mark to the canvas, people interacted with the rest of the art in the gallery in a more activated way. We are always looking for the avenue into the mind and heart of the beholder with art, it seems like being a part of it is a good start. 

2016-04-27�- Hot Art Clothes!


The warmer it gets, off go the layers! Having comfortable style is important so why not wrap yourself in wearable art that is functional as well as sensationally cool. Leslie Palotas hand dyes each individual piece creating waves, octopus and other graphic renderings in fabric. Because she uses awesome companies like Xylem in Eugene for sourcing of the cuts, she makes stylish works of art to wear like Bolero Jackets and Yoga Pants. Leslie has just dropped off a new haul of work, come find the perfect piece for you.�

2016-04-27�- Variations on a Theme


For some reason I always love wearing chokers during the summer. Maybe it's the necklines, maybe it's that we're more active so we want jewelry that isn't dangling too much. I also notice that if my choker is too high, it leaves my chest rather bare. So to kill a couple of birds with one stone, I cooked up a choker that drops down to the length of a regular pendant. WIN! I've been playing with various lengths of drop and different stones, come in and see the variations on the theme.�

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