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May 26, 2017
Everybody was Keum Boo Fighting


The love of mixing metals has prevailed over the jewelers bench again. Keum Boo is the ancient Korean method of fusing 23.5k Gold to Fine Silver. The effect, and the technique, is addictive. The glowing quality of gold is irresistible, especially with the gloomy days of our Oregon Spring. Fine Silver has a super white, neutral sheen when bonded with the gold. This winning combination is going through adventures and journies with local stones and those from around the globe. Check out the New Jewelry  to see the latest.


May 13, 2017
Head in the Clouds


Sometimes I am asked 'How do you even know if you have something good?' when looking at the raw, dirty rocks getting ready for polish. Hmmm, often times it's an educated guess and more often I don't know until I get in. That's part of the thrill but also there's wasted hours on stones that turn out to be less than superstars. That gambling learning curve has not kept me from experimenting. These 'motherstone' chunks are slender and from the profile one could see delicate white plumes rising through the clear agate. A crust of desert patina coats the top so the only way to see directly in would be to peel that away. Instead of not working, the result was a view into the tops of the plumes looking like puffy cumulous clouds surrounded by clear sky, and in some cases gold linings. A new gemstone is born. So far, two necklaces and a pair of earrings are floating through the Ozone.

May 5, 2017
Salmon Run


A big bag of stones, all about grapefruit sized, lands on the floor with a rumble. It's an offering from my husband's uncle who asks, 'do you think there's anything you can use?'. The specimens are still caked with their high desert, Oregon dust but some already look interesting. The rocks sat in queue as I devoured favorite finds that have landed on your fingers, wrists, and necks. Curiousity finally brought a lump of pinkish-red-through-crystalline-gray out of the bag and onto the hammer. Once broken, the best pieces varied from that of ripe watermelon to fresh salmon sashimi. Light shines through sinews of color giving it a delicious glow. Uncle didn't know what kind of stones he had so I am left to guess, after testing hardness and other traits through polishing, that this is a chalcedony. It is, without a doubt, a beautiful gemstone so I pet-named it after one of my favorite things. The Salmon run is on at the Ozone!

April 27, 2017
Get Hammered


 The manipulation of metals has always been a fascination. My grandfather was a great fabricator with metals and I believe it runs way farther back in our, all of our, blood. There is something incredibly symbolic and moving about hammering metal; putting your energy into it and having it become work hardened and transformed on your anvil and in your hands. The outcome, from a jewelry design point of view, seems to take on an ancient and universal aesthetic. By combining the chaotic and abstract shapes of the hammered metals with a contemporary finish, a unique form is born. The latest body of work is a journey through the mixing of metals, techniques, stones, and ideas. The results are wearable sculptures of hundreds of hammerstrikes and thousands of years of metallurgic memories.

April 24, 2017
Family Vines


It's a beautiful place when the sun warms those midnight colored grapes on the vine. A scene from the family vineyard; with pinot noir contrasting fresh green foliage set off by the architecture of the house my father and step-mother built. Easy to lapse into sentimental whimsy when immersed in a view like this. Fond Mom memories are not hard to come by and most of us, over the course of time, collect (and may lose) some moms. Step moms, Mother in Laws and other people's moms who decide to 'stand-in-mom' for you for a while are all so appreciated. The vineyard is a nostalgic 'mom place' for me. My original mother did artist-in-residencies in the Napa-Sonoma region and hold some of my first viticulture experiences. I always think of her wonderful renderings of the varietals when I see the fruits and enjoy them in the glass. I raise a glass to all of my moms in a toast of deep gratitude. In the gallery, we have an array of things moms may like as gifts including complimentary wine on Mother's Day to celebrate her. Cheers.


April 7, 2017
You Bet Your Brass...


The sunny glow of Jeweler's Brass is just the ticket for this somewhat 'shy' spring in the PNW. In addition to loving shiny, glowing things, it's fun to pound things; making big rocks small, the punching bag in the gallery, and hammering metals! The texture and work hardening of the hammered brass is a great compliment to a contemporary cuff bracelets like this one. The cuff opening is at the top instead of the bottom of the bracelet for not only style but also function. The top slot puts the bend pressure on the strong mid-section of the piece instead of the connection to the top or stone. The gems for these get to be indulgently large. With the extra space, this Green Moss Agate gets to show off it's delicate banding and unique botryoidal bubbles. More bracelets are happening this week live in the gallery and in the New Jewelry  page.

March 21, 2017
Spring Palette


Have you ever had an appetite for a certain color as strong as say, a craving for chocolate? A color in the sky, a flower, in a pool of water...hues that are so alluring they are haunting. Many times, it is about the way they make me feel; calm, excited, introspective, happy, or any number of responses. Often a combination of colors being mixed on the palette as so spellbinding to me I have a hard time using the precious amount I mixed. Silly, but you are always wondering if that fluke accidental color combination will ever be possible again (probably is so avoid panic). Yesterday was the first day of Spring. I have really been craving the juicy colors that go with it breaking the rainy, moody, monotones that we've been treated to for months. This is printing ink and I decided it would go nicely on the moon jellies woodblock (and yes, it was all used up way too quick). The print drank in the colors nicely. If you want to see more about printmaking, click the picture and I will be printing in the gallery a bunch more in the coming weeks.


March 8, 2017


What is this mound of flippers and fins? It seems to be a favorite lounging activity of the local sea lions called 'rafting'. In this case, they had gorged on herring all morning in a feeding frenzy display of incredible athletic ability and are floating it off 'hammock style' in a funny dog pile formation. It does look pretty luxurious and I spied several visitors to the Seafood and Wine festival recently trying to emulate this on land with mixed results. Viewing this just outside the gallery window from my workbench, it's hard to not be inspired to get horizontal in the sun for a siesta like them. That's where coffee comes in handy and the fact that it never feels like there are enough hours in the day for all of the artistic projects in progress and the creative ideas waiting on deck to be born. Rafting will happen tonight, soon enough, with those inspired art thoughts winging through my head like the gulls above.

February 12, 2017


Timing is everything. Valentines Day is coming up and there is always the conundrum of finding something 'out of the box' to express love to one another. Of course we have freshly made jewelry pieces that feature local stones and artistic settings. If you were hoping to get something different this year from the usual chocolates and baubles, there are Electric Trees, Wood Block Prints, Sailcloth Bags, Shibori Dye Clothing, Wildlife Foundry Sculptures, and small format paintings for under $100, and selections under $50. We have parts of the ReNEW show up and in the studio part of the gallery, we will be printing a brand new wood block print of the Pacific Red Octopus so come down and see the new work, watch a printing demonstration and come away with a super cool Valentine. 

January 24, 2017
Making Your Mark in 17


As promised, here's the current view of the Make Your Mark canvas. We always have an interactive art project and these 'grafitti' canvases seem to be a crowd favorite. If you scroll down the blog posts, you'll see the canvas new, with just a few marks on it. That was only a few months ago and the canvas is pretty full of great doodles, notes, and art. Some folks obviously took some time with this and we're so appreciative that you'd be a part of the art at the Ozone. If you haven't had a chance to make your mark yet, we'll continue decorating this one through our ReNEW, ReCLAIM, ReMIND show Feb-April. Come up and Make Your Mark, be a Part of the ART.

January 9, 2017
Snow Day!


Snow days here in Newport are always historic feeling. One can't shake the feeling of novelty walking the beach and leaving footprints in snow. Dramatic contrasts are formed between the glowing white snow, the dark, local rocks, and the variable hues of the sky and sea. It takes the coastal breathtaking beauty to a new level. Of course these conditions demand adventuring out on the beaches and headlands. After my hike on a very icy Yaquina Head, I couldn't resist the temptation to go up to Moolack and poke around the gravel beds. In the picture, you can see the agatized clam belly and a couple of spiral shell fossils I found. The miocene era fossils are my favorite 'ground scores' and it was surreal to find them amid little snow drifts. Check out the Daily Visions  page to see more pictures from the Snow Day including a whole album coming soon.

December 14, 2016
Metal Rock'n Fish


This Rockfish is presently swimming in the Ozone with some friends. Each time I 'pull' prints off a print block, I like to do them in a different style than before. In the first round, the fish was black and the background was blended oceanic colors. The second round of prints were on colored paper with the fish in black and white ink. This round, the fish is hand-inked in many different colors without inking the background. This latest school of fish are getting a swirl-ground steel frame and mounted on Cedar. I did a round of the 'Sea Horsepower' piece in the same way. For a look at those, check out the Printmaking  page. Love these so much I'm going to have to keep a few for the house. 

December 10, 2016
Scrappy Stackers


This is what I was up to yesterday with glee and excitement. If you've been to the Ozone lately, and peered at the chaos of the jewelry bench, you probably noticed snips and shapes of varying metals in varying sizes. The style of fabrication jewelry making I adore is based on manipulating and soldering sheet metals to achieve the finished piece. This leaves lots of bits left over to play with. When I accumulate a fair amount (this is when you, that have seen the bench, can laugh about that amount) the pieces become a new metallic palette from which to construct unique forms. The last batch turned out to be earrings and this batch are bench scrap stack rings or Scrappy Stackers. They are just big enough to wear alone and have lots of impact stacked. Can't wait to get back into the studio and make more.

December 9, 2016
Getting Mossy


Where were they going in that bus back in September? Okay, so it's been a while since the last blog and the excuses are plentiful but somewhat irrelevant and resolved. The greatest news is that we returned from our adventures with some incredible new raw rocks to work on. First of all, I didn't know that moss agate came in almost every color of the rainbow. Secondly, I had to do some research on why the shapes and inclusions varied so much. It turns out that the bus ride was only the beginning of the adventure in that respect. Since I only like to use 'organic' shapes of the stones, I either start the polishing stage as I found it or break the stone to find candidates within the 'motherstone'. This glimmering beauty above was a piece of 'float'; meaning it was on the surface of the ground and already in a usable size. I am currently polishing this piece as well as the piece that shows up in the Daily Visions  today. Come down to the gallery to see how these polish up and the other colors of Moss Agate already in the cases.

September 27, 2016
Just Back


If anyone checked the calendar out, there was an entry 'Inspiration Week'. That would be when you go and find some, and hopefully bring some back. Refueling one's creative passion is part of the cycle and there are many ways to do so. We brought back some amazing new gemstone material, incredible views that wait to be rendered, and that momentum you get when you've been deeply moved. More to come in the pages ahead.  

2016-04-27�- Hot Art Clothes!


The warmer it gets, off go the layers! Having comfortable style is important so why not wrap yourself in wearable art that is functional as well as sensationally cool. Leslie Palotas hand dyes each individual piece creating waves, octopus and other graphic renderings in fabric. Because she uses awesome companies like Xylem in Eugene for sourcing of the cuts, she makes stylish works of art to wear like Bolero Jackets and Yoga Pants. Leslie has just dropped off a new haul of work, come find the perfect piece for you.�

2016-04-27�- Variations on a Theme


For some reason I always love wearing chokers during the summer. Maybe it's the necklines, maybe it's that we're more active so we want jewelry that isn't dangling too much. I also notice that if my choker is too high, it leaves my chest rather bare. So to kill a couple of birds with one stone, I cooked up a choker that drops down to the length of a regular pendant. WIN! I've been playing with various lengths of drop and different stones, come in and see the variations on the theme.�

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