Amy Royce


Amy Royce was among the charter artists of the Ozone. Her work is unique in both its abstract but familiar physical forms and her use of encaustic paint. The pieces, set on deep box cradle style panels, change through the day given their light and positioning. Her encaustics applied in layers, with opaque and transparent paints, have the tendancy to appear in a variety of tones and character with the absorption or refraction of lighting.  

"Layers reveal and hide eroded portraits of the physical form and patterns of movement in a 'call and response' process of painting. Through repeated layers of color, wax builds geologically to embody a relief or sometimes 3D form. Viewers are challenged to consider the differences between internal and external, macro and micro, physical and metaphysical." 

Amy has done four feature shows with the Ozone as well as encaustic demonstrations. It's nothing short of amazing to watch her work and her vision to gently emerge from her works in progress. Watch our calendar of events for her next demonstration or feature show. 
Daily Visions April-14-2017
Featured Artist April-14-2017