The first exposure for many people to rockhounding in Oregon are the gravel beds. The lakes, rivers, and beaches can be like a candystore of glistening colors and luminous lumps. For most, the Agates shine up at them first, easy to see in the sunlight and when wet, easy to identify in the field as awesome.�

�Agates form inside vesicles (like a lava bubble, clam shell, or rock fissure). Over time, layers of micro crystaline silicates are brought into the void via water then solidify. Each layer varies with the amount of mineral content to silicate material creating a strata or bands of color. Sometimes the banding reflects the horizon and other times they are concentric circles like an Everlasting Gobstopper.�

Polishing these rocks is always a pleasure as they have intricate designs, gorgeous tones of color and often times druzy crystals or other inclusions. Sometimes they have a 'rind' or thick outer layer to get through before you even know what color or design it will be. This is always like opening up presents to me, never know what you're going to get!�

�To Be Continued...

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